Nicola's News: January 2024

Happy New Year Selwyn! I hope everyone has had a wonderful start to 2024. I have been enjoying life as a new mother to our son Geordie. Thank you to everyone for the kind messages following his safe arrival, our family is very appreciative, and we are all doing well.

I intend to be back to my duties in the electorate in the coming months and will return to my ministerial duties as soon as I’m able. In the meantime, my office and colleagues have been busy progressing with the Government’s 100-day plan. There is a full agenda over the next few weeks, and we are working tirelessly to give New Zealander’s what they asked for.

To reflect on what has already been accomplished, a highlight for Selwyn would have to be the ending of the Ute Tax. As of New Years Day, hardworking kiwis who rely on a Ute to work are no longer unfairly taxed because of it. We said all along it would disproportionately affect farmers and tradies, and by repealing this legislation we are showing our support to the backbone of our country and economy.

We have made significant progress with redacting the highly contested RMA reforms that Labour forced through Parliament last term by successfully repealing the Natural and Built Environment Act and Spatial Planning Act. These repeals (and eventual replacements) will help builders, developers, and farmers, while ensuring protection of our environment as we undertake a forward-leaning approach to land use and infrastructure.

We have also amended the speed limit rules as part of our commitment to stop blanket speed limit reductions which have caused uproar across the country.  Work has already begun on a new Rule, which will ensure that when speed limits are set, economic impacts and the views of road users and local communities are considered, alongside safety.

In a matter of weeks this Government has displayed its vision for New Zealand. We want to promote growth and innovation, retract unnecessary restrictions and compliance, and grow a healthy economy so we can enjoy better public services. National is also repealing the Three Waters legislation within the first 100 days, which is welcome news for Selwyn and New Zealand.

In other economic news, the Government restored the Reserve Bank’s single focus on price stability, while reducing regulatory burden on business and restoring discipline in government spending. Inflation is beginning to fall, and we want to see this trend continue. 

We set out on an ambitious task to get our country back on track and we are determined to deliver. While there is so much left to do and complete within our 100-day plan, we will continue to work for New Zealander’s and will stay engaged with our communities along the way.

My office is up and running and, as usual, my team are here and available to help.

You can get in touch with us by emailing [email protected], phone 03 344 2800, or pop into the office in Rolleston Square between Monday and Fridays.

Kind regards,

Nicola Grigg