Nicola's News: 15 September 2023

You may have seen earlier this week that the Treasury’s pre-election economic forecasts show that six years of Labour’s economic mismanagement has taken a toll on New Zealand, with forecasts showing a sustained economic slowdown, high inflation and high interest rates.

By its own numbers, we are going to have debt at well over $100 billion by next year!

Treasury itself says, ‘households and businesses are expected to remain under pressure’.

New Zealanders deserve better. Wages have been growing slower than inflation, the fortnightly cost of a $500,000 mortgage has increased by $750 in the last two years, and food prices have been increasing at rates not seen since the 1980s.

Sadly, there’s more pain to come with Treasury now forecasting:

🚨 the economic slowdown to persist through to the end of 2024,
🚨 inflation to stay above target levels until the end of 2024,
🚨 interest rates to stay higher for longer in an attempt to combat inflation,
🚨 a delay in the return to surplus to 2027 - meaning seven straight years of deficits, and debt servicing costs rising to $11 BILLION PER YEAR!!

These figures assume Labour will stick to their proposed spending limits – something they have never done.

This election is an opportunity for change and a chance to get the economy working for all New Zealanders. National has a plan to do exactly that.

Our plan to rebuild the economy includes:

💙 stopping wasteful spending and get the books back in order,
💙 delivering tax relief to encourage hard work ease the cost of living crisis,
💙 cutting red tape to make it easier to invest and grow,
💙 building infrastructure for growth like roads and public transport,
💙 growing skills to expand our workforce, driving technology and innovation, and
💙 being open to the world by supporting trade and investment.

National will rebuild the economy because that is how we lift wages, grow jobs and help Kiwis get ahead. A strong economy is how we end the cost of living crisis and get mortgage rates under control. It is also how we afford the quality public services we all rely on and deserve.

New Zealanders now have a clear choice this election – a strong stable National-led Government with a plan to rebuild the economy. Or three more years of a high taxing, high spending Labour-led Government with no plan to address the economic issues facing New Zealanders.

Policy Announcement - Primary Sector Growth Plan

Farming is the backbone of our economy, but over-bearing regulation over the last few years has hurt our primary sector and frustrated our farmers and growers.

Yesterday Christopher Luxon and Todd McClay visited Selwyn to announce our Primary Sector Growth Plan. 

Building on our previous announcements, this policy includes unleashing investment in water storage and food production to lift productivity and take pressure off food prices. The next National Government will:

🔵 No longer require farmers to have a resource consent to build a water storage pond on farmland, unless wetlands or SNAs are affected.

🔵 Councils will be required to approve or decline consents for other types of water storage within two years of an application.

🔵 Consents for water storage will be extended to 30 years. Under Labour, consents only last 10 years, not long enough to recover investment costs.

🔵 Make commercially-grown fruit and vegetables for human consumption a permitted activity under the RMA, meaning growers will not have to obtain a resource consent to grow food or rotate crops within a catchment.

Under National, New Zealand will continue to be an agricultural nation.

Read our full plan here.

Out and about

It's been another busy week on the campaign trail, with less than a month until Election Day!

I started this week by hosting National's Police and Corrections Spokesperson, Mark Mitchell, in Selwyn.

Crime across New Zealand is out of control under Labour - and we here in Selwyn are not immune. In the last six years, Police call outs for crime in Selwyn have increased a whopping 79 per cent, with family harm investigations also increasing 81 per cent. Total call outs in Selwyn reached over 32,000 last year alone!

Mark and I visited both Christchurch Men's Prison and Te Puna Wai Youth Justice Facility to meet with the staff and listen to their concerns.

We also paid a visit to a number of shops and dairies that have been victims of crime and ramraids, and hosted a well-turned out public meeting to share our plans and policies to back our Police and reduce crime. We’ll take an early intervention approach to youth offenders, crack down on recidivist criminals and, above all, put victims first.

I have also been out doorknocking around Rolleston, Yaldhurst, and Templeton this week. The number one issue that most people are talking to me about is the high cost of living, with people worried about how they will pay their mortgage or afford groceries. 

I also hosted a coffee catch up in Templeton, and it was great to see such a turnout to my weekly Pub Politics in West Melton last night! Lots of support out there for National's plan to back the primary sector and reduce the cost of living.

Upcoming Events

As the election draws closer, I will continue to host a range of events to be as accessible as possible! Below are the events over the next week, with my full schedule constantly being update here:

Darfield Meet the Candidates

Next week, the Darfield Branch of Rural Women NZ is hosting a 'Meet the Candidates' debate at the Darfield Recreation Centre on Tuesday, 19 September from 7.30 – 9.30pm and I'd love to see as many of you there as possible!

More information:

Leeston Pub Politics

Ahead of the election, there are a number of big issues that Selwyn residents are thinking about. Come and join me at the Crate & Barrel, Leeston next Friday to share your thoughts and queries.

📍 Crate & Barrel, Leeston

⏰ Fri 22 Sept, 5:00pm - 7:00pm

More information here:

Coffee Catch Up

I'll be in Sheffield next week if you want to have a coffee and talk to me about an issue, policy, or just want to chat! No appointment needed.

Thursday 21 September

📍 Sheffield Pie Shop

⏰ 12:00pm - 1:00pm

More information here:

Here to help

As always, my team and I are here and available to help.

You can get in touch with us by emailing [email protected], phone 03 344 2800, or pop into the office in Rolleston Square between Monday and Fridays, 10:00am - 4:00pm.

Kind regards,

Nicola Grigg