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Weather event warnings need to be taken seriously

May 30, 2021 Share

Selwyn MP Nicola Grigg is advising residents across the district to take seriously the warnings and advisories currently being issued by emergency response agencies. 

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I can save the Minister for Women $10M immediately

May 24, 2021 Share

The minuscule allocation of funding afforded to the Women’s portfolio in Budget 2021 is an insult to women and goes to show what little importance this Government places on us, the National Party’s spokesperson for women Nicola Grigg says.

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MP, Mayor & Police working together to keep Selwyn safe

December 21, 2020 Share

Selwyn MP, Nicola Grigg, has teamed up with Mayor Sam Broughton and Canterbury Police Inspector Peter Cooper to ensure Selwyn keeps its title as the safest District in New Zealand.

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