He Waka Eke Noa

Much has been said about the Government’s response to the He Waka Eke Noa proposal to price agricultural emissions – and during General Debate this month I took my turn to have my say on behalf of the farmers up and down New Zealand who, once again, feel betrayed by the Labour Party.

The Government has produced a counter-proposal that will see up to 20 per cent of the capacity of sheep and beef farming lost by 2030 – while seeing emissions increase offshore as production and jobs move overseas.

Neither individual farmers, farming communities nor the New Zealand economy want - or can afford - to sustain a blow like that. National supports agriculture paying its way but believes the Government’s proposed costs are unacceptable especially when, with more care, there will be a better way to reduce emissions without so much damage.

We won’t support an unaffordable system which leads to wholesale losses of jobs - and  we will not support a system that sends production to overseas farms that are less carbon efficient.

We will work WITH farmers, not against them.